February 11, 2021

Establishing a catering service providing comprehensive food and entertainment for families, businesses, and organizations. Experience the transparency of enjoying quality dining and entertainment in the elements of nature or comfort of your desired environment.

Resources and case stories will help facilitate partnerships between local business and community based organizations. Mobilizing  the fine dining experiences, while showcasing local restaurants and vendors.

 Community-based organizations which can offer unique and important insights into the challenges and opportunities facing restaurants, indoor dining and numerous small business in our community. Assisting local businesses, and improving their ability to communicate and connect with a wide range of new customers and job opportunities in our community.​

Private Chef Catering will be provided by experienced chefs, servers, and bartender’s. Employing. Elements Mobile Fine Dining will create new job opportunities  in the hospitality community. Providing Private Chef Experiences and entertainment in cottages, Airbnb luxury lake view rentals, national parks, beaches and back yards and much more. Elements Mobile Fine Dining & Catering Service, by far, will accommodate the elements of transparency in the outdoors. Safety and comfort from the common hotel rooms and traditional dining with family, friends. Guest have the opportunity to choose beautiful scenic location and tailored menus options in their trusted community’s

Elements Catering Services 
How much does catering cost?
Elements Mobile Fine Dining LLC 
On average, event catering typically costs between $500 and $3,000 (and more), depending on the services offered and the size of the event.
Wedding & event catering price (average)
0-20 people    $860 +
21-30 people    $1260+
31-40 people    $1,540+
41-50 people    $1,820+
51-60 people    $2,100+
61-70 people    $3,090
71-80 people    $4,090
81-90 people    $4,950
91-100 people    $5,330
110+ people (Contact us for a catered quote today.)
EMFD Private Chef and catering pair your input with their culinary experience to make you a custom menu, then offer exceptional food and gracious service at your event. EMFD  can provide food and hospitality at wedding celebrations, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, holiday parties, rehearsal dinners, corporate events, baby showers and everything in between.
When you want to create an unforgettable experience, whether it's for a wedding reception or a cozy special event, EMFD will take your party to the next level. 
Creating your customized  experiences. 

Types of catering service
As you're planning your party, figure out what type of catering services you need. 
Formal sit-down dinners
Plated dinners at a catered event provide similar service to what customers would receive in an upscale restaurant — a set table, linens and flatware, and a multi-course meal served by a waitstaff.
Catering prices vary depending on the menu, the number of courses, the number of guests, and the linen china  and location selections.
Food stations
For large informal events, like graduation parties or backyard get-togethers, EMFD relies on food stations. Instead of a formal buffet or sit down dinner, they’ll offer a fajita station, slider station, carving station and snacks.
EMFD  either provide staff members to set up, oversee, restock and breakdown a buffet. Or, we might drop off food for a buffet, and customers set up and serve the food as they like.
Prices for catered buffets vary based on the ingredients, menu and number of guests. The price could double for special requests, such as an all-organic customized menu.
Corporate events
EMFS can help you plan a meal for a company event, arrange for rentals and deliver great food (or serve it on-site as needed).
The catering prices vary depending on how much service is needed. EMFD charges up to $80 per person per day during a two-day seminar for an all-day catering package that includes breakfast, a morning snack, lunch and an afternoon snack.

Additional cost factors

Timing, event size, add-ons, supply rentals and the level of service can all impact caterer costs.
Labor costs
EMFD  has to cover staffing, the time spent shopping for and preparing the food, the time spent setting up at a venue, and business overhead, such as insurance and marketing.
"All of these components are rolled into cost," 
Often customers don’t understand why catering costs what it does — since it is more than the cost of the meal if they were to cook it themselves. But we have three permanent cooks, four support staff and on average 12–20 people working bigger events.”
By necessity, the cost per head for catered events has to reflect all of these costs.
EMFD charge minimum fees for jobs during high-season weekends and nights such as New Year’s Eve. For example, EMFD  has a minimum fee of $1,500 with a higher minimum for big days and weekends — although the company always makes exceptions for regular clients.
Supplies, dinnerware and decor
EMFD  provide tents,tables, chairs, linens, tableware, serving/warming trays and table decor, which may increase the total bill.

Be upfront about your budget. 

The first step in working with EMFD is to determine the guest list and budget so we can help create a realistic menu.
Select basic ingredients. 
Premium ingredients, like an all-organic menu or dishes featuring high-priced items, are not required to create a delicious meal. 
We will work with your to choose dishes with ingredients at a lower price point.

Benefits of EMFD  professional catering services

EMFD  have a knack for meticulous planning and can shrink your pre-event to-do list. By taking care of food, rentals and service staff, a EMFD can allow you to relax and enjoy your party instead of handling various dining logistics on the day of the event.

Whether you have a small party or a huge celebration in the works, consider hiring a EMFD to make your job easier. 




Private Chef /Glamping/Luxury/ Outdoor


Revolutionize your Outdoor Dining 

  • Exclusive glamping outdoor dining and catering experience

  • Luxury Fine Dining to the rolling outdoor lifestyle of Volusia County

  • A scenic experience in nature with expanding locations

  • The feeling of eating at an exclusive restaurant in the city, but without the hustle and bustle.

  • Travel from the Orlando Florida Metro area or the rural communities nearby for a pleasant surprise:

    • Stylish & fine outdoor mobile restaurant dining experience

  •  Exclusive & unique location based 5 start service

  •  Sit, enjoy a glass of wine, a meal full of flavor, and the natural scenery

    • Support us in creating an exciting community platform & let us provide the luxury outdoor mobile dining experience that Elements is all about to your community

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